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benefits of being a multi engine pilot

5 Benefits of Being a Multi Engine Pilot

Doesn’t everybody want to be successful, rich and have a glamorous life? A magnificent career choice, if one is looking for similar things from their life is being a pilot. A pilots life in India is as ideal as it gets in today’s world, it pays well, it is a respected career choice and in full candour most people who are in different careers are amazed by it. Over all one can without a doubt say that being a pilot is a great career for someone who is passionate about aviation.

However at the same time one needs to equally invest in this career, it is quite similar to the saying ‘reap what you sow’ but in a good way. This article will focus on discussing the advantages of being a pilot in India and how it is beneficial to have a multi engine rating, following the more practical information rather than just the glamorous parts of it. Some of the most obvious benefits of being a pilot are, one gets to enjoy a good salary, job stability and the best part is one gets to travel. Travelling definitely enriches an individuals life and their experiences.

Everyday the Indian aviation industry is flourishing with new airlines coming up and existing ones buying new aircrafts. At first, bringing to attention that being a Multi engine rated pilot means an add on certification to one’s CPL (commercial pilot license) that allows pilots to fly aircraft’s with more than one engine. Most airlines whether they are national or regional use aircraft’s with multi engines making it imperative for people seeking professional careers in aviation to seek a multi engine rating. So without further delay, indulge in the benefits of being a pilot and having a Multi engine rating.

Advantages of being a Multi Engine Pilot

1. Increased safety

it is safe to say that in case one engine fails, there is a safety net to fall back to, this way a multi engine rated pilot can make an emergency landing on one engine.

2. Additional career opportunities

Most commercial airliners require an individual applying to have a multi engine rating. Hence this opens up new opportunities when applying for jobs that are not available for single engine rated pilots. Also ,ultimate engine pilots are often offered higher salaries than single engine pilots.

3. Improved aircraft performance

Multi engine aircraft’s have considerably better performance and efficiency than single engine aircraft, so one is able to fly further, faster and higher than a single engine.

4. Enhanced training

To get a multi engine rating one has to fly more hours and have extra training which inevitably increases their skills and make them more knowledgeable. This later on helps in their professional and personal lives.

5. Increased confidence

Pilots who have gotten their multi engine rating have usually flown more hours and hence we confident in their skills which results in better and
safer flying experiences.

How can Garg Aviation help ?

Here at Garg Aviation Limited (GAL) one can get a supreme learning experience, due to the capable management team, flying instructors and highly qualified CFIs(Chief Flying Instructor). They prioritise safety first and want their students to be skilled pilots. Garg Aviations has a fleet of 5 Cessna 152s, 3 Cessna 172s and a Cessna 310(Multi Engine). They have future plans of purchasing more multi engine aircrafts. Also, the management is such that flying occurs at an exorbitantly fast rate, adding on the AME team ( aircraft maintenance engineer) ensures fast, safe and regular maintenance of aircrafts.


To conclude, all in all having a career as a pilot can be very valuable in a lot of senses, it gives one an opportunity to gain knowledge, undergo training , are well paid and have enriching life experiences through travel. Garg aviations would like to encourage the readers to comment and feel free to ask questions. They hope to have clarified the benefits of being a pilot with multi engine rating in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a multi engine pilot unique?

Multi engine pilots often have to go through more rigorous training than single engine pilots which helps them gain experience and more capable of handling
complex aircrafts and can fly larger aircrafts.

2. What kind of an aircraft can multi engine pilots fly ?

Generally multi engine rated pilots can fly aircrafts with more than one engine such as Diamond DA62, Cessna 310 , Piper Seminole etc. However they can also fly in commercial airlines with the rating of the particular aircraft the company owns.

3. Are there any downsides or challenges associated with being a multi engine pilot?

The two major drawbacks of being multi engine rated pilot are the cost and complexity of the aircraft. It is expensive to run a multi engine aircraft due the upkeep it requires and the fuel it uses to operate. The complexity of the aircraft is also more as the features the aircraft has is more than single engines, there are more things to operate as compared to a single engine aircraft.

4. Can multi engine pilots earn more money than single engine pilots ?

Multi engine pilots generally earn more than single engine pilots as they have more experience, training and the ability to fly complex aircrafts. Additionally multi engine pilots have more opportunities for advancement and eligibility to apply for higher paying roles.

5. What kind of training and certification is required to become a multi engine pilot?

The first step to get a multi engine rating is to finish rating on a single engine aircraft, one must take a flight training course and finish specific hours , practical tests , written examinations and obtain a instrument rating. All these requirements are specified by DGCA ( directorate general of civil aviation).

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