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The academy uses a fleet of Cessna Single and Multi Engine aircrafts as well as a Beechcraft Single Engine for pilot training. A description of the aircrafts used by the academy is as below:

Cessna 152- Single Engine Abinitio/Advanced Instrument trainer:

The Cessna 152 is one of the worlds most favourite trainer aircraft. It has been given this title because of its excellent handling characteristics and forgiving nature. Students flying in the Cessna 152 can make big mistakes and yet be able to speak about them.
It is a fixed landing gear aircraft which is one of the key requirements for ab-initio trainer and all the Cessna 152 available with GAL are IFR certified i.e. all our Cessna 152´s can be used for instrument flying.
Our Cessna 152´s are even equipped with the most sophisticated Approach certified onboard Global Positioning system(GPS) and the latest navigation and communication equipment.
Cessna 152 is also most ideal for training since it is a two seater aircraft which means it is much less expensive as compared to other four seater aircrafts used by other flying clubs and yet our Cessna 152 are equipped with all those equipments required for advanced training.

Cessna 172- Single Engine Abinitio/Advanced Instrument trainer:

Cessna 172 is one of the most popular aircraft amongst the students and is widely used for flying training purposes. With more than 45,000 delivered, the Cessna 172 is a proven and reliable training aircraft.
Cessna’s classic high-wing design offers many practical benefits including stable flight characteristics and increased visibility. GAL uses 172 for both ab initio and advanced flight navigation training.

Beechcraft Bonanza A-36- Single Advanced Complex Aircraft:

Beech Bonanza is one of the best aircraft available for complex training.
GAL is the first private flying academy in India who has inducted such type of aircraft for providing advanced training. The aircraft is equipped with HSI, GPS,VOR/ILS, ADF, AUTO PILOT etc. which gives students a better exposure.

Cessna 310- Multi Engine Trainer:

The Cessna 310 is a high performance retractable landing gear aircraft used primarily for multi engine training which apart from being a requirement of certain airlines also enables the students to expand their skills.
Unlike the multi engine aircraft used by most other flying clubs in the country which have fixed landing gear, the Cessna 310 has a retractable landing gear like those installed in airline aircrafts and this enables our students to be get an exposure to advance flying skills which becomes their key USP when they apply for a pilot´s job in an airline.
Our academy has been using the Cessna 310 for multi engine training for more than 26 years now and we are amongst the best for multi engine training.
Apart from these aircrafts, the academy is also planning to induct Cessna 172 glass cockpit and other high performance aircrafts for further advance training.
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