Garg Aviation


The academy has one of the best infrastructures in the country for pilot training which includes LCD and OHP projector-equipped classrooms, labs equipped with mock-ups and cut sections of aircraft piston engines, turbine engines, landing gear, controls systems, wirings, avionics equipment, etc.
The facilities available with the institute are utilized to the optimum for providing the students with in-depth knowledge about the aircraft and its components.
Using mock-ups it is possible to practically demonstrate the adverse situations which a pilot might have to face. Using cut-sectioned components the student is able to get a look inside the functioning of each component leading to much better understanding and retention.
Garg Aviation has a complete facility dedicated to ground training. The facility is complete with multimedia projector-equipped classrooms and separate labs for Aero-engines, Radio navigation, Electrical system, instrument system, Airframe, etc.
Wall charts, cutaway units, audio-visual equipment, overhead projectors, miniature models, display boards, and mock-ups are provided for the demonstration of principles and procedures. Everything you need to grow professionally as a pilot is presented here. Everything is there for you. 
The Ground Training Department has two Cessna 152 aircraft as well as two multi-engine Beech Baron dedicated solely for ground training, one Rolls Royce Dart Turboprop engine, one Rolls Royce Avon jet engine, 4 different types of Aircraft piston engines, 4 different types of aircraft propellers and numerous other aircraft components.
The avionics labs (Radio navigation, Instrument, and electrical system) have original aircraft avionics equipment including HF system, VHF system, VOR/ILS systems, HSI, ELT, all types of aircraft instruments and electrical equipment, etc.