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Multi Engine Rating

  • Garg Aviation provides a comprehensive Multi Engine Rating course in India, including instrument rating training.

  • Obtain the Multi Engine Instrument Rating, a requirement by DGCA, to enhance your piloting capabilities.

  • Multi Engine Rating training at Garg Aviation bridges the gap between CPL and Type Rating, advancing your skills.

  • Our program builds upon the foundation laid during ab-initio pilot training, ensuring a smooth progression.

  • From basic to advanced coursework, our Multi Engine Rating course prepares you to fly as a competent Pilot-in-Command.

    Key Features

    Embark on a transformative journey in aviation with our Multi Engine Rating (MER) course in India. Gain the expertise and proficiency to fly multi-engine aircraft, expanding your horizons as a skilled pilot. Our comprehensive training program combines theory and practical instruction, preparing you for the multi engine instrument rating course in India and unlocking new opportunities in your aviation career.

    To enroll in our Multi Engine Rating (MER) course in India, meet the stringent eligibility criteria set by DGCA. Discover the pathway to acquiring the multi engine instrument rating and advancing your aviation career.

    1. Age

    He shall be not less than eighteen years of age on the date of application.

    2. Knowledge

    He shall pass an oral or written examination in the following subjects in accordance with the prescribed syllabus:—
    (i) Techniques of applied Instruction;
    (ii) Assessment of student performance in those subjects in which ground instruction is given;
    (iii) The learning process;
    (iv) Elements of effective teaching;
    (v) Student evaluation and testing, training philosophies;
    (vi) Training programme development;
    (vii) Lesson planning;
    (viii) Classroom instructional techniques;
    (ix) Use of training aids, including flight simulation training devices as appropriate;
    (x) Analysis and correction of student errors;
    (xi) Human performance relevant to flight instruction including principles of threat and error management;
    (xii) Hazards involved in simulating system failure and malfunctions in the aircraft.

    3. Experience

    (i) He shall produce evidence of having satisfactorily completed as pilot of an airplane on the date of application for the rating —
    (ii) Not less than one hundred hours of flight time as a Pilot-in-Command of an airplane of which not less than twenty hours shall have been completed within a period of eighteen months immediately preceding the date of application; and in the case of helicopters, not less than fifty hours flight time as a pilot-in-Command of a helicopter of which not less than twenty hours shall have been completed within a period of eighteen months immediately preceding the date of application; and
    (iii) Not less than twenty hours of flying training as an Instructor under an approved Flight Instructor/Examiner as per the syllabus prescribed by the Director-General.

    4. Other Requirements

    He shall be the holder of an appropriate current professional pilot’s license.

    5. Skill

    He shall have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Examiner his competency as an Assistant Flight Instructor by performing the procedures and maneuvers prescribed in the syllabus within a period of six months immediately preceding the date of application.
    With the successful completion of our Multi Engine Rating (MER) course in India, you'll unlock a world of possibilities. Attain the coveted multi engine instrument rating, meet DGCA requirements, and enjoy the privileges of piloting multi-engine aircraft.

    Subject to the validity of endorsements and rating in his pilot’s license of which this Assistant Flight Instructor’s Rating forms a part, the privileges of the holder of an Assistant flight Instructor’s Rating shall be to impart instructions during flight by day only and under the authority and supervision of a Flight Instructor, on all types of airplanes/helicopters having all-up-weight not exceeding one thousand five hundred Kgs., and which are entered in the Aircraft Rating of his license:
    Provided that he shall not authorize any Student Pilot to undertake his first solo flight and shall not impart instructions in aerobatics and night flying.

    Multi Engine Rating Course Overview

    Ground School


    Flight Traing


    Total Simulator


    Licence Issued


    Multi Engine Rating Course Summary

    STAGE 1
    Registration and Enrollment
    2 Days
    STAGE 2
    Ground School
    1 week
    STAGE 3
    Flight Training
    3 weeks
    STAGE 4
    License Endorsement
    3 Weeks

    Multi Engine Rating Detailed Course Description

    • 1

      Stage 1: Registration and Enrollment

      Duration: 2 Days

      Begin your journey by completing the registration and enrolment process for the Multi Engine Instrument Rating course in India. Our experienced team will guide you through the necessary paperwork, ensuring you meet the DGCA requirements to embark on this exciting training program.
    • 2

      Stage 2: Ground School

      Duration: 1 week

      Immerse yourself in a comprehensive week-long ground school training program. Through interactive classroom sessions and engaging study materials, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge and essential concepts necessary for successful multi engine rating training in India.
    • 3

      Stage 3: Flight Training

      Duration: 3 weeks

      Take to the skies and experience the thrill of flight training as you embark on a three-week program focused on developing the skills and proficiency required for the multi engine instrument rating course in India. Under the guidance of highly qualified instructors, you will gain hands-on experience and build confidence in handling multi engine aircraft.
    • 4

      Stage 4: Submission and License Endorsement

      Duration: 3 Weeks

      As you near the completion of your training, our dedicated team will assist you in preparing and submitting the necessary documentation for the license endorsement process. With careful attention to detail and adherence to DGCA requirements, we ensure a smooth transition as you work towards obtaining your multi engine rating in India.

    Why Choose Garg Aviations

    • Cessna 310 aircraft utilized for multi engine training.
    • Extensive experience training military pilots (Airforce, Navy, Coast guard).
    • Competitive pricing, no hidden charges, and transparent operations.
    • Reputation for honoring commitments and delivering quality training.
    • Flexible training duration (4-5 days) based on weather and flying hours.
    • Short-term lodging and food facilities available at nominal charges.

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