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what is a multi engine pilot

From Wings to Wheels: The Lifestyle of a Multi-Engine Pilot

A Multi Engine Rating is a pilot rating that qualifies you to fly as pilot-in command of any aircraft with more than one engine. It is a necessary pilot certification add-on for any aspiring pilot to advance to the airlines, or to increase their overall marketability in aviation.

Why Should I Get My Multi Engine Rating?

Multi engine rating is nowadays required by most of the airlines big or small. You fly bigger and a faster aircraft with long range which can fly at a very high altitude and aircrafts that have multiple engines which can vary according to the aircraft type. If you are flying an aircraft with a single engine, and that engine fails or has trouble, you must land quickly with limited choices. Having multiple engines gives you more options if one shuts down.

Learn to Fly Complex Aircraft

For all Aspirants that hold or do not hold a pilot license, Multi Engine Aircraft is the initial exposure to operate a complex aircraft. These aircrafts can introduce complex systems to a pilot that he or she may not have experienced in a single engine aircraft and provide the pilot a various number of challenges. New concepts such as multi engine aerodynamics and unique single and multi engine failure scenarios etc. will help increase knowledge and overall add to the pilot’s experience.

What does a Multi Engine Pilot do?

Multi engine aircrafts are more powerful, bigger, and can carry more weight including both passengers and cargo, so these type of aircrafts are to be flown by a crew of more than 1. A multi engine pilot flies an aircraft with more than 1 engine and performs more complex tasks to operate the particular aircraft as compared to a single engine aircraft. The pilot is required to control various parameters of a multi engine aircraft sometimes simultaneously which makes the job even more
tedious. He or she may need to undergo various amount of pressure depending on the operation that needs to be carried out such as one engine failure scenario. The pilot will have to control the operations of all the engines simultaneously while flying the aircraft.

What types of aircraft can you fly as a Multi Engine Pilot?

There are various types of aircrafts that one can fly as a multi engine pilot. There are twin engine aircrafts such as the very famous Piper PA44 Seminole, Diamond DA62, Tecnam P2012 Traveler etc. Then comes the three engine aircrafts. The first commercial trijets were the Hawker Siddeley Trident (1962) and the Boeing 727 (1963). 3 engine aircrafts that fly today are McDonnel Douglas DC10 and so on. The list goes on further to the 4 engine models, 5 engine models etc.

What are the Limitations for a Multi Engine Pilot?

The limitations of the Multi Engine pilots are:

1. An instrument add-on must be obtained to fly IFR in a multiengine aircraft

Instrument rating is required to fly IFR flights i.e. the flight that comprises of depending on your on deck instruments for a flight and it’s operations.

2. A commercial rating must be obtained to fly for hire

The Commercial Rating is the one that legally allows you to be able to perform your piloting services for money, because you are introducing an exchange of services there are a lot more requirements and higher amounts of training.

3. Aircrafts that are larger than 12,500 lbs or are turbojet powered require a type rating

Aircrafts that weigh more than 12,500 lbs or an aircraft that uses turbojet engine require a specific training in order to be able to operate the specific aircraft.

Is it worth it to become a Multi Engine Pilot?

There are several reasons why a pilot might want to become multi engine pilot. Pilot career advancement required to fly for most commercial airline jobs. You’re qualified to fly bigger, faster aircraft with greater range. Enjoy the inherent safety of having a second engine in the event of an engine failure.

How Garg Aviation can help?

At Garg Aviation Limited (GAL) quality and safety while flying is the top most priority. Aspirants can expect a focused and steady approach towards their dream career. Instructors at Garg are very strict with their training standards and are well trained to make sure aspirants meet their flying quality margins flawlessly. An experienced and well trained team of AME make sure that all the aircrafts are well maintained and up to the mark so that aspirants can fly without a hiccup and with confidence in the aircrafts. Flying at Garg will teach you how to face challenges during a flight and provide new learnings every time you step in the cockpit. At Garg one can expect the fastest flying while maintaining safety and quality of flying.


Spend the extra time and study needed to complete this rating. The additional knowledge and skills can enhance your flying abilities, and the multi-engine rating can unlock new experiences and adventures. Feel free to learn further by dropping in a comment in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does it take to become a multi engine pilot?

It depends on various factors such as the time it takes in a certain flying academy to complete the course which can vary drastically academy to academy mostly because of the availability of aircrafts. On average only multi rating apart from the complete CPL it can take anywhere from a month or two.

2. What is the lifestyle of a multi engine pilot like?

Multi engine pilot lives a lavish lifestyle which some can find intriguing. These pilots can enjoy travelling to various places while making a generous earning out of it.

3. How much money do multi engine pilots make?

It can vary airline to airline or if working privately but on an average $80,000(USD) per year is what a multi engine pilot makes.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a multi engine pilot?

By becoming a multi engine pilot one gets to fly bigger, faster and higher. This advantage is enough for many pilots who are strictly in the cockpit for the fun of it all rather than the career pursuits. One will need this rating to work as an airline pilot. The experience gained during this program looks great on any resume. This training provides a diversity of experience valued in any pilot.

5. Are there any specific medical requirements for multi engine pilots?

Medical requirements are same as of a commercial pilot medical which comprises of the medical being divided into 2 parts class 2 and after which class 1 is to be carried out.

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