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The Coolest Airplane Cockpit You Wish You Could Sit In

What Is An Airplane Cockpit ?

The original meaning of “cockpit”, first attested in the 1580s, is “a pit for fighting cocks”, referring to the place where cockfights were held. This meaning no doubt influenced both lines of evolution of the term, since a cockpit in this sense was a tight enclosure where a great deal of stress or tension would occur.

In simple terms the dream of every child and a place from where you can fly the aircraft that is called the cockpit because most of us get inspiration from being a pilot from visiting the cockpit only. Each and every child has curiosity to know more about the cockpit like do the pilot actually remember all the switches inside the cockpit ? How do they know where they are and where to go ? So all of these questions are valid because most of us don’t know much about the airplane cockpit. Let us know more about some of the coolest cockpit

What All Things Are There Inside The Cockpit ?

Basically the flight cockpit has all the essential things which are required to fly an aircraft safely from one point to another, it includes primary , secondary controls for flying, some different and specific instruments to navigate the flight and different types of radios to communicate with ATC and some other cool stuff. At first glance it seems there are too many switches fitted together and it’s too complex but it’s not.

There are mainly two types of cockpit: analogue and digital. Analogue means showing information using dial and digital means showing information using displays. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages so there is no comparison between both the types of cockpit. Both have their own separate fans also. Some pilots like analogue cockpits and some like digital cockpits.

The Sr-71 Blackbird Legendary Aircraft Cockpit

Aircraft which have a world record for flying at the highest speed will obviously have a very special cockpit. It used to fly at the highest speed of up to mach 3.3 (mach 1 is speed of sound) it means this aircraft can fly 3.3 times faster than the speed of sound. It has a Single pilot analogue cockpit. Which was the dream of every pilot in its time. The whole aircraft was made from titanium because of its high speed it used to get very hot (over 600 degrees Fahrenheit) so metal used to expand and contract and oil leakage problems were very normal for it. pilots had to wear special pressure suits which provides oxygen to pilot in their helmet that were actually modified spacesuits. This program was highly expensive so the U.S.A.’s government cancelled this program. The program was cancelled long ago but still flies in our heart.

Fastest Passengers Aircraft In The History

Concorde has the world record of fastest flying passenger aircraft. It used to fly at the highest speed of up to mach 2.01 which is more than 2 times the speed of sound. Where

other aircraft used to take 7.5 hours Concorde will cover the distance in less than 3 hours with its incredible speed with the help of 4 Rolls-Royce engines. It had two pilots analogue cockpits with lots of dials for different information. This project was cancelled because of its very high maintenance cost. Concorde can be found in some museums. Aviation enthusiasts visit this aircraft for its incredible and exceptional duty. That’s why Concorde is a dream to fly aircraft of every pilot.

Cockpit Of The Most Advanced Commercial Aircraft In The World

Airbus A350 is considered as the world’s most advanced aircraft in commercial aviation because of its state of the art technology. A350 has the highest ETOPS (extended Range Twin Operations approval). Airbus A350-1000 is the only aircraft in the world which is tested for fully automatic takeoff. The A350 has a HUD (head up display) also which helps pilots to look outside while flying and have all the required data in front of their eye while flying without looking down inside the cockpit. It has a multi-crew advanced digital cockpit which provides each and every essential and required information on display. Flying an airplane cockpit which has the highest level of technology is the coolest cockpit.

Most Powerful Commercial Aircraft Cockpit

The Boeing 777X is the most powerful commercial aircraft because it has the most powerful commercial engine GE9X. The GE9X can produce 134,300 pf (pound-force) of thrust and is 5% more powerful than GE90. For comparison it produces power which is equivalent to more than 2 Titanic and the Boeing 777X has two GE9X engines in one aircraft. Being 777X is the first commercial aircraft which can fold its wings partially which will help the aircraft to reduce wings span by 6.9 meters so it can fit in smaller aprons and gates also. Flying an aircraft which is most efficient and luxurious is a different level of experience.


Every aircraft cockpit is different in its own way, so every cockpit is wonderful. Some pilots like analogue and some pilots like the digital cockpit but the common thing is the cockpit is a dream of most of us. While traveling getting the chance to visit the cockpit and experiencing that is one of the most memorable parts of the trip. next when you fly just visit the cockpit and share your experience with us and tell us in the comment section that which is your favourite aircraft cockpit.

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