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Scenic Flight Routes Around The World

The 12 Most Scenic Flight Routes Around The World

Aerial views are one of the best ways to appreciate the world’s breathtaking scenery without actually being there. While long flights can become uncomfortable and exhausting, a window seat is one method to make the trip more enjoyable. Flying across the most picturesque air routes makes for a magnificent experience when looking out the plane window.

You don’t have to wait until you get at your destination to start exploring on your next vacation. Those who choose the window seat on a regular basis know that some of the greatest views come from 30,000 feet up — or, at the very least, when rising to or descending from that height.

Flight From Hong Kong To Male, Maldives:

Any aeroplane landing in the Maldives will be magnificent due to the pure blue sea that welcomes all guests. All of your travel blues will go as you gaze out the window into the Archipelago. As you depart from Hong Kong, the city views are breathtaking before you arrive to a wide blue ocean awaiting your beach vibes.

Queenstown To Auckland:

A two-hour drive from Auckland to Queenstown in New Zealand provides the greatest vista of the nation. As you go, you’ll see a little bit of everything, from the greenery-covered hills of the north to the snow-capped summits and glaciers. And as you approach Queenstown from the south, you can see the lakes and rivers. In this short drive, one may witness a lovely shift in landscape.

New Mexico To Las Vegas:

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. A journey from New Mexico to Los Angeles will provide an unparalleled perspective of this magnificent scene.

The canyon’s immensity and horseshoe bends are captivating. The shimmering city lights greet you as you land in Los Angeles. Most planes make an announcement as they pass over the Grand Canyon, so you don’t miss anything as you fly past.

Katmandu To Beijing:

Imagine catching a peek of the greatest mountain ranges from your aeroplane window. Mt. Everest is so breathtaking even in photos or movies of it. If the sight is good, one may view the mountain ranges when flying into Kathmandu from Beijing or Bangkok. Because of the weather, there aren’t any commercial planes that go over or close to Mount Everest, yet just glancing at this mountain range is breathtaking. Booking an early flight arrival in Kathmandu is suggested to see the stunning dawn.

London to Hong Kong:

You may view a lot of metropolitan landscapes when you take off and land from these busiest cities. Although you could doze off on the nearly 13-hour journey, the vista is pleasant as you touch down. As you get ready to land, you can view the biggest tourist attractions, like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben.

These are some of the most picturesque flights, providing a stunning aerial view of the below-ground scenery. If you typically choose window seats, even on shorter trips you may observe the shift in topography. But these are some of the routes that will show you various landscapes that blend together to create a stunning experience.

Across The Grand Canyon:

As previously said, there is nothing like a genuine visit. It never hurts, though, to catch a look of the Grand Canyon while you can. There are several ways that lead across this natural gem. Transcontinental flights to Los Angeles, flights into Las Vegas (sit on the right side), and short-hop flights from Phoenix to Salt Lake City (sit on the left side are your best choice). Not only may you view one of America’s most iconic sights, but the Southwest is also a breathtakingly gorgeous region in its own right.

New York City:

Landing or taking off at LaGuardia Airport in New York City

It’s easy to overlook how large New York is when walking the streets. The greatest way to view the sprawl is from the air. Depending on the flight route, most flights into and out of LaGuardia Airport (LGA) have some glimpse of the Manhattan skyline. Most of the time, the left side will provide great vistas, although sitting on the right may also be beneficial.

Winds and the runway in use will fluctuate, making it difficult to determine where to seat, but one thing is certain: Bring your camera or phone with you at all times, day or night, since New York will frequently amaze you even before you set foot on the ground.

Albany, New York To Chicago Via Niagara Falls:

While not one of the most popular routes in the United States, flights from Albany International Airport (ALB) to Chicago may be a terrific way to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Niagara Falls.

Book a seat on the left side of the plane for the finest view of the falls, away from the crowds. On a clear day, the view can equal that of people below you who paid for an expensive helicopter flight. This is applicable for flights into O’Hare International Airport (ORD) or Midway International Airport (MDW).

Landing On The Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco:

San Francisco, CA: So many things to accomplish, so little time. If you don’t have an opportunity to see the Golden Gate Bridge in person, you may see it on your route into town.

A seat on the left side of many aircraft arriving from Asia, Europe, or areas north of the city is a solid bet for a wonderful view of the bridge and city. It’s a sight that’s memorable nonetheless.

Arrival In Washington, D.C.

When landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), the left side of the plane is a strong option. If your pilots are lucky, they will fly the so-called river visual. This circuitous route across the Potomac culminates in a southbound landing at Reagan. Among other iconic locations, passengers will be able to see the Washington Monument and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

You may also have a fantastic view of the National Mall area if you sit on the right side and take off in the other direction. When TPG’s Sean Cudahy took off from Reagan one night in October 2019, he saw this vista of the Washington Monument with the Capitol in the distance.

Yosemite National Park: Sacramento To Las Vegas:

A fly-past over California’s Yosemite National Park will send you out in style if you’re travelling from Sacramento International Airport (SMF) to Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport (LAS). Sit on the right side of the plane and keep an eye out for the famous Half Dome. Can’t make the daytime flight? As a silver lining, you’ll always enjoy the dazzling vista of Vegas at night.

The Pacific Northwest’s Volcanoes: Flying Or Landing In Seattle

The quantity of volcanic beauty crammed into the Pacific Northwest is unrivalled in the United States. When flying or arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), you can almost touch Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Baker. It serves as a reminder of your location on the planet.

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