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The Most Breathtaking Airshow Around The World

As humans we were never meant to fly so It’s quite natural to look up in the sky with curiosity when an airplane flies above. We enjoy that moment but what if you see hundreds of aircraft together, dozens of aircraft flying together in formation and pilots showing up their thousands of hours of experience and skills in just a few moments and the companies display their state of the art machinery. This amazing 3 to 5 days festival for Aviation lovers is called an Airshow.

Types Of Aircraft In Airshow

In this world class event all companies are invited to showcase their best variant aircraft  and compete with each other to get more number of orders and in this competition you can see all types of aircraft like warbirds, aerobatic, private, airliner, cargo, military aircraft including fighter aircraft, attacking aircraft and helicopters too. This is still not the end you can also see some of the coolest upcoming technology too, like hybrid aircraft, electric aircraft, flying car, E-VTOL, hydrogen fuel testing aircraft, super sonic aircraft and a lot more. Not just aircraft manufacturers but airlines also take part in this airshow to showcase their world class hospitality.

Which Is The Biggest Airshow In The World ?

Without any doubt Oshkosh is the world’s biggest airshow as it witnesses the largest number of aviation enthusiasts who visit the airshow. Last year in july 2022 more than 650000 Aviation enthusiasts visited airshow along with the huge total of 3,226 aircraft, 1,375 registered in vintage aircraft plus 1,156 homebuilt aircraft, 369 warbirds , 137 ultralights, 87 seaplanes, 77 aerobatic aircraft, and 25 rotorcraft. This is the reason why this airshow is in every Aviation lovers’ bucket list.

Which Is The Best Airshow In The World ?

Airshows like dubai airshow and paris airshow are considered as the best airshows in the world because of their world class hospitality and arrangements. Excitement of the spectators are on the next level because these airshows are the only place where you can see the past, present and the future of the aviation industry. Airshows are the best place to show the best technology in front of the world because every Aviation enthusiast does follow these airshows. Every company talks about and shows their best technology that includes how luxurious, economical  and environment friendly it is (by reducing carbon footprint). Hence these airshows are organised to develop and make it much better for the upcoming growth in the aviation industry. In the recent paris airshow indigo, air india, akasa and flybig have placed a big order of 976 aircraft to various companies like airbus, boeing and Canadian de havilland airplane according to their operations, fleet, business model and strategy.

Which Is The Biggest And The Best Airshow In India ?

AERO INDIA is the best and the biggest defence airshow of india which is organised by the ministry of defence with the vision that civilians can also know more about their defence forces. The main purpose of this airshow is to increase export of indigenous technologies. To get more orders from various countries, companies showcase their state of the art technology and demonstrate their best capabilities. Like any other airshow the best aerobatic team will also perform to show the finest skill. Surya Kiran is one of the best aerobatic fixed wing aircraft teams in the world like blue angles that use mark-2 aircraft. Surya Kiran is also known as “aircraft tied by invisible thread” because of their very high accuracy and Surya Kiran was also invited in Dubai airshow 2022 to show their best of the best skill and give the most thrilling experience to spectators. India is not just limited with fixed wing aircraft aerobatic teams but also has roter blades aircraft aerobatic team which is known as sarang aerobatic team. They use advanced light helicopters (ALH) also known as Dhruv which is specially made by Hindustan aeronautics limited (HAL) for aerobatic flying. They just fly at one and half roter blades distance which is very less, as to fly like this you need a very high level of accuracy concentration and focus which can be achieved by practicing for hundreds and thousands of hours. Experiencing all of this at one single place is one crazy experience.

Are Airshows Safe ?

Since the air show is open for all the aviation enthusiasts, safety is the main concern for all the organisers. All the maneuvers are carried out with utmost safety. All the maneuvers are performed under the supervision of experts and aviation regulatory body to ensure any lapse in safety and to maintain air transport in one of the safest ways of transport. 

They do have special arrangements for media and influencers so that they can broadcast all the highlights of the airshow to all the aviation enthusiasts around the globe. For other aviation lovers also they do have special arrangements and specific spots from where they can enjoy and take some of the  coolest videos and pictures of the best individual and team aerobics flying. Breathtaking performances are given by different pilots from various countries showing up their best skills. Overall it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience airshows like this.


Airshows play a key role in better sustainable aviation growth. It helps aviation become safer, reliable, economical and environment friendly. Because of this healthy competition between companies we get the best of the best whether it is about aircraft or best experience of world class hospitality. Overall each and every airshow is a step which is taking us near to the future of aviation.

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